Thursday, June 17, 2010

Taco Soboro Bento

So I'm making it my goal to have a bento at Least once a week, hopefully more since I'm getting better hours at work and can actually take lunch.
Today I have left over taco ingredients which I layered over white rice, I also have Japanese sweet omelet and a baby pickle cut in half.
I used another favorite bento box of mine today my Pokemon bento!!  I love the pink and glittery effect :)
As for my next bento I'm thinking of Japanese chicken curry YUMMY!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quicky Bento

Alas!  Finally another bento!  It seems that whenever I need to make a bento for work I never have any leftovers or ingredients to make one, but I pulled this one together in a pinch. 
I prepaired all the food for this bento the night before and kept it all cold and just re-heated it in the morning.
I have rice with nori dragonflys, japanese sweet omelet roll and saute'd mushrooms with extra butter to keep them from drying out.  For dessert a small milk candy.  Nothing spectacular here, but it tasted good :)  It's all packed away in my super adorable Mamegoma bento box!!