Thursday, June 17, 2010

Taco Soboro Bento

So I'm making it my goal to have a bento at Least once a week, hopefully more since I'm getting better hours at work and can actually take lunch.
Today I have left over taco ingredients which I layered over white rice, I also have Japanese sweet omelet and a baby pickle cut in half.
I used another favorite bento box of mine today my Pokemon bento!!  I love the pink and glittery effect :)
As for my next bento I'm thinking of Japanese chicken curry YUMMY!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quicky Bento

Alas!  Finally another bento!  It seems that whenever I need to make a bento for work I never have any leftovers or ingredients to make one, but I pulled this one together in a pinch. 
I prepaired all the food for this bento the night before and kept it all cold and just re-heated it in the morning.
I have rice with nori dragonflys, japanese sweet omelet roll and saute'd mushrooms with extra butter to keep them from drying out.  For dessert a small milk candy.  Nothing spectacular here, but it tasted good :)  It's all packed away in my super adorable Mamegoma bento box!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eco Lunch Bags "review"

Hey there!  So I've been buying these eco lunch bags and wraps lately cause I really think they're neat and a great eco friendly item, I'm going to do a review on them for you from the experience I had with them. :)

Here's what I have so far...

A:  1 Snack bag from Green Time Creations ( I bought it for $7.00 at Just Act Natural in Appleton WI.  (Frog Design)

B:  1 Snack bag from Naturally Hip Mama, Bought for $5.00 on sale at  (Pokemon Design)

C:  1 Small Sandwich Wrap from Moja Creations, Bought for $6.00 at
(Owl Design)

So the review, now this is just gonna be a simple review of A, B and C, nothing fancy.

A and B work great for snacks like chips and pretzels, they last for about 3 days without getting stale, weather conditions may affect the food differently.  All can be hand washed with dishsoap, just turn inside out and rub the bag together and wash thouroughly and dry on a empty bottle.  For the wrap I just hang it over a towel rack.

A: Worked well for a PB&Jelly sandwich, the bread was still soft and the sandwich was still intact.  The lining of this bag is much thicker than the other two bags I have, so I feel it helps keep items more fresh than the others.  It's much smaller than bag B.

B: I have not yet used it for a sandwich, just snacks, but this bag has a thinner lining in it so I would first wrap the sanwich in a small amount of plastic wrap before placing in bag.  It is also bigger than A so you can fit a lot more inside.

C: Worked well to keep my PB&Jelly sandwich intact, the bread was a bit dry when lunch time came around, but it was still edible.  I think weather conditions were a factor as it's getting very hot here :(  Since it was the small sandwich wrap I had to cut the sides of my bread off for it to wrap all the way up, but no biggy.  This item also has a thin lining.

I recommend them all, I have not tried fruit in them like grapes or apple slices, but I think they would be OK.  The prices are fair, as they are all handmade items and the shipping was very fast and a very reasonable cost, they were all about $1-$2 to ship.  I hope you give them a try!!

What I won from Adventures in Bento Making by Pikko!

Hey guys!  Here's all the loot I got from being one of the 10 lucky winners of Pikko's giveaway!
2 Tomo Tomo Bento Boxes (1 Two Tier, 1 square design)
1 Lace Design bag of Bento Cups (3 Sizes)
1 Set of animal cutters
1 Set of charaben cutters (car design)
1 Set of lunch picks
I couldn't believe I won, I never win anything!! :)

If you've never seen her bento site I recommend it she has giveaways, videos and lots of cute ideas!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pokemon At Play

Hey guys!  I just finished my Poliwag and the sun was out for a short while so I thought I'd better take some nice pictures outside.  I let Caterpie and Poliwag play together for a while,  Caterpie discovered my strawberry plant but he didn't eat it...yet!  Poliwag enjoyed the cool breeze and sun, while it lasted.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I've Started to Make Books

Ok, so this is off topic from my normal posts but I just thought I'd show you two books that I have made so far.  My materials aren't by any means professional, but hey they worked and the final product looks pretty neat.  For the covers I used heavy cardboard and construction paper and the pages were just light cardstock and computer paper, oh I also used thick thread to sew the pages together.
I've been thinking of getting a bunch of professional materials and selling these books cause I find making them quite enjoyable.  Let me know what you think! :)

The First book I made, It's going to be my garden journal.  I'm going to snazz it up a bit with some distressing ink and chipboard bits :)

The pages after being sewn and glued together
 The Cover after being glued and covered with construction paper to make it pretty.
 Pages are glued in and it's drying time..
Finished!  ( I had a brain fart, I don't know why I chose green and blue)
It turned out a bit crooked cause the pages shifted when I was gluing, but oh well I still like it :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Kitty Onigiri Bento Box!

Hey there just thought I'd post my brand new Onigiri Bento!  I LOVE it so much, and plus it has an adorable kitty on it which makes it so much cuter.  I got it from Ojamiya on, the seller was super kind!
I haven't gotten a chance to use it yet, but once I do I will do another post with it all filled up.

Friday, April 9, 2010

UPDATE!! Hogwarts Student Amigurumi

UPDATE!  I've finished the little guy!  This one comes with a hand dyed parchment scroll and sling, and a quill pen (which my cockatiel donated).  I will definitly be selling them now, check out my etsy shop for more info!

Hey guys I decided to try and make little Amigurumi dolls and this is what I came up with!  Little 'Hogwarts Students"!  I attached all the hair by hand, strand by strand and they only stand about 4 inches, if that!
This one's not quite finished yet though, I still have to crochet a little house scarf, make a wizard hat and a little wand.  I'm also thinking of making a little messenger bag with some mini spell books!  OH and I have to add a little house patch.
I haven't decided whether I will add arms to them or not...what do you think??  I will be making more in the future and hope to sell them in my etsy shop, so keep your eyes open if you're interested!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Breakfast Bento for Easter

Sorry for the lack of posts!  I haven't been able to make any bentos in a while due to short shifts at work.
I really would have liked to have some easter eggs with my bento but I never got around to coloring them this year :(
Today I had some french toast sticks with syrup (in the blue penguin container), Japanese sweet omelet roll, sugared strawberries, milk jelly and some sour gummy worms.   I added a little chick pick just to give it a little easter flair lol! 
I was running so late this morning and my camera decided to die so I only got one picture, but at least it came out clear!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Bento Gear

Hey guys just thought I'd show you my Bento gear!  The Top picture is of all my bento bags, chopsticks, egg molds and some of my paper cups. The Middle picture is of all of my Bento boxes and the Bottom picture has all my decorations, cutters, baran and Onigiri molds. :)  The little silver containers have sauce bottles, mini picks and cupcake picks which I use to decorate my Bentos.  The Pokemon bread kit I got off of ebay, it's basically a cookie cutter and stamp for bread.
I got most of my gear from Ebay (bento obento shop, phoenix bento etc, and sakura zakka shop), and  I find that cupcake picks and rings from walmart cupcakes are PERFECT for decorating!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Caterpie Pokemon Amigurumi

This is the first Amigurumi that I created myself! I had no pattern, just a picture of the Pokemon, I'm really happy how he turned out too! I haven't attached his little spots yet but I will eventually :p I will be making more Pokemon in the future so keep your eyes open :)  You can see more of my creations in my Etsy shop at

Little Bee Bento

Little Bee Valentines Day bento. It consists of a Chinese pork bun (not shown), Bee Onigiri, Mochi, fruit salad and a little milky candy. I only took a picture of the pretty part, the top had my pork bun and was boring to look at. Sorry for the bad picture too, It was early and my camera was nearly dead.