Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eco Lunch Bags "review"

Hey there!  So I've been buying these eco lunch bags and wraps lately cause I really think they're neat and a great eco friendly item, I'm going to do a review on them for you from the experience I had with them. :)

Here's what I have so far...

A:  1 Snack bag from Green Time Creations ( I bought it for $7.00 at Just Act Natural in Appleton WI.  (Frog Design)

B:  1 Snack bag from Naturally Hip Mama, Bought for $5.00 on sale at  (Pokemon Design)

C:  1 Small Sandwich Wrap from Moja Creations, Bought for $6.00 at
(Owl Design)

So the review, now this is just gonna be a simple review of A, B and C, nothing fancy.

A and B work great for snacks like chips and pretzels, they last for about 3 days without getting stale, weather conditions may affect the food differently.  All can be hand washed with dishsoap, just turn inside out and rub the bag together and wash thouroughly and dry on a empty bottle.  For the wrap I just hang it over a towel rack.

A: Worked well for a PB&Jelly sandwich, the bread was still soft and the sandwich was still intact.  The lining of this bag is much thicker than the other two bags I have, so I feel it helps keep items more fresh than the others.  It's much smaller than bag B.

B: I have not yet used it for a sandwich, just snacks, but this bag has a thinner lining in it so I would first wrap the sanwich in a small amount of plastic wrap before placing in bag.  It is also bigger than A so you can fit a lot more inside.

C: Worked well to keep my PB&Jelly sandwich intact, the bread was a bit dry when lunch time came around, but it was still edible.  I think weather conditions were a factor as it's getting very hot here :(  Since it was the small sandwich wrap I had to cut the sides of my bread off for it to wrap all the way up, but no biggy.  This item also has a thin lining.

I recommend them all, I have not tried fruit in them like grapes or apple slices, but I think they would be OK.  The prices are fair, as they are all handmade items and the shipping was very fast and a very reasonable cost, they were all about $1-$2 to ship.  I hope you give them a try!!

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