Saturday, April 3, 2010

Breakfast Bento for Easter

Sorry for the lack of posts!  I haven't been able to make any bentos in a while due to short shifts at work.
I really would have liked to have some easter eggs with my bento but I never got around to coloring them this year :(
Today I had some french toast sticks with syrup (in the blue penguin container), Japanese sweet omelet roll, sugared strawberries, milk jelly and some sour gummy worms.   I added a little chick pick just to give it a little easter flair lol! 
I was running so late this morning and my camera decided to die so I only got one picture, but at least it came out clear!


  1. Oh my GOSH soooo good looking *drool* I want to try those pancakes... and those eggs sound delicious! Do you make these yourself? Is there a recipe? :3

  2. lol Thanks! The french toast stix are actually just from walmart in the frozen section and the Omelet is a little recipe from a book I have called Kawaii Bento Boxes. The Recipe is... 2 eggs, 1 TBSP sugar and a dash of salt. Just beat the eggs with sugar and salt and you can either scramble them to be quick or roll them up japanese style. Pour eggs into pan and scramble them until half done then push all to one side of pan and turn to brown them. Should be like a log shape then put onto a sushi rolling mat and roll up to shape them better. Let sit for a minute or two to form. Then just cut them into bite size pieces :) ENJOY! :D